zaterdag 17 september 2011

Adel Abidin

Adel Abidin explores concepts of cultural alienation, gender and war. His humorous approach plays with stereotypical occidental ideas of the East, resulting in artworks that echo the artist’s own sarcastic remarks. Marginalization and war play an important role in Abidin’s work; he uses these concepts to subvert cultural ideologies in a precarious and paradoxical world. Working with film Abidin is able to address these absurd yet common scenarios that are often experienced in this age of substantial diaspora and communicate them directly to his audience. He acknowledges and thus questions the contradictions in the many social frameworks that one is exposed to when living in exile.
Darat al Funun

Adel Abidin 'Ping pong' (Clip) (2009) (01:17)
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Adel Abidin 'Jihad' (2006) (Clip) (01:10)
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