zondag 25 september 2011

Collier Schorr

Forty years ago, at age four, Collier Schorr accompanied her father on a photo shoot of Snyder and his car, a classic 1967 “Ko-Motion” Corvette. In one of life’s routine, vicious ironies, by the time the story hit newsstands a few months later, Snyder had been killed overseas. To approach this loss, Schorr—who usually works in photography—began drawing figures from pictures taken by her father at the track and by Snyder in Vietnam. The rough, partial renderings evince an aching intimacy. Juxtaposed with these adumbrations are several tranquil, scenic large-format photographs, three of which are from a series titled “Arrangements,” in which Schorr has tied together flowers culled from different gardens in Germany. The resultant still lifes are arresting memorials, simultaneously evoking the utopia of multicultural brotherhood and the enforced, violent “community” of the concentration camp.
303gallery - David Velasco (Artforum)

Collier Schorr on the Art21

Collier Schorr Photographs Blair Wrestling Team (youtube - 06:58)

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