donderdag 1 september 2011

GER: Mood Sweater by Sensoree

The GER: Galvanic Extimacy Responder, mood sweater is an emotive display that is an externalized intimacy — a display of the personal in the world — the interface by which we identify with the other so that we may gain greater insight of the self. Inspired by Jacques Lacan’s “extimacy,” the GER visually displays the wearer’s emotional state for both the self and other.

Mood is interpreted by a Galvanized Skin Response (GSR) which is a classic lie detector test. The GSR sensors read sweat or nervousness and translate the data into a palette of affective colors. The high collar, bowl design positioned with LEDs reflects onto the self for instant biofeedback and acts as a tele-display or externa blush for the other. Located on around the larynx, the visual interface replaces speaking, as the wearers emotions are instantly expressed.


GER mood sweater 2010 (02:22)
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