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Jaye Rhee - Bambi | 2009

Jaye Rhee's Statement

My work explores the evasive nature of authentic desire. By focusing on the tension between “real” desire and “fake” objects of desire, as embodied by images—in the broadest sense of the word—my work presents “real fakes” and “imageless images.”
My work is thus concerned with making real fakes by forthrightly showing artifice without the concealment of ambiguity. This refusal to deny the actual substance of the materials with which I make art reveals the authenticity of these faked, imaginary worlds so that the product, as an artwork, is paradoxically a fake that, notwithstanding its artifice, is authentic and, thus genuine.
ps1 studio-visit

David A. Parker,October 30, 2009 - Jaye Rhee: the real deal

Bambi | 2009, variable, single channel video(03:15)
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