vrijdag 16 september 2011

Joana Vasconcelos - War Games, 2011

The child’s world is also conjured up by Joana Vasconcelos with War Games, an exclusive 2011 work presented here for the first time. It is entirely contained in an old Morris Oxford, filled with cuddly toys, symbols of a childhood to be protected.
Upon the toys floats the constant threat of plastic guns placed on the roof of the car. This strategy of diverting objects from their usual setting is devoted here to a form of socially implicated criticism.
Big Brother Artist & Tyrants (PDF)

Haunch of Venison - New York: Boundaries Obscured (23 Sep - 05 Nov 2011)

War Games, 2011 (02:30)
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the making of War Games: joanavasconcelos.com - 2011/video/2
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