donderdag 15 september 2011

Robin Meier - The Body is a Vessel (2010)

“The Body is a Vessel” is a musical ritual exploring the limits of the human body and possible futures for humankind and its physical shell. In 2000, shortly before his death, Jacques Mayol, the famous free-diver portrayed in Luc Besson’s movie “Le Grand Bleu” (1988), publishes his book “Homo Delphinus – The Dolphin Within Man” imagining evolution of mankind beyond its landlocked barriers and transporting the future human body far under the ocean’s surface.

“The Body is a Vessel” takes up this post-humanist promise to create a performance using modern-day technology in collaboration with professional free-diver Elisabeth Kristoffersen. Together, Meier and Kristoffersen embark on a journey towards the next step of human evolution.
Robin Meier

Kleiner Wasserspeicher (SuperCollider Symposium)


The Body is a Vessel 2010 (03:56)
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