woensdag 5 oktober 2011

Clemens Behr - Avalanche 2010

Installation: Clemens Behr
Filming and editing: Clemens Behr
Additional Filming: Martn Demmer
Music: Calika - To hold You

The project was realized in a retail in Dortmund/ Germany during 3 months in Summer 2010. The image of an avalanche was used to compare my installation and my way of working to the transformation of the surrounding environment. The distortion began at one point and then suddenly changed and rearranged the whole space. In combination with the outer appearance of the building, it all appeared folded and wrapped around itself. Inside the avalanche, I used common materials, like wallpapers, cardboard, carpet and mirrors, to relate to everyday spaces. The basement housed another work. Pictures of the room in its former state were projected on an installation composed of fragmented, origami-like shapes. Visitors could control the projections through sound and, in this way, move the space and alter its scale
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Avalanche 2010 (03:26)
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