vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Nicolas Provost - Long Live the New Flesh 2009

'Long Live the New Flesh' wich premiered in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival (11 - 21 February, 2010), is a found footage film in wich existing fragments from horror films are transmogrified into a new film. Long Live the New Flesh deploys a digital technique with painterly quality in which the images literally consume one another and the horror in all its visual power is brought to a natural boiling point. All the ingredients that have secured Provost's experimental art films their international success are once again present here. Provost strips down the imagery of a mass medium, uses it to construct a new visual story beyond the dissection and horror, and allows the viewer to cross every phase of the emotional spectrum.
Nicolas Provost

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Long Live the New Flesh 2009 (excerpt 01:17)

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